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Information for Authors submitting to the journal Biografistyka Pedagogiczna

The editors accept only those manuscripts that have not been published elsewhere. If a manuscript or a substantial part thereof has been already published elsewhere, please inform the editors.

Manuscripts should be sent to the address: bpredakcja@gmail.com in electronic form in rtf, doc or docx formats.

Authors are requested to adhere to the following submission guidelines:

The author and the title

  1. Please include the full name(s) of the author(s), their affiliation(s) and e-mail address(es).
  2. The first footnote should contain information about the sources of funding received for the article submitted to the journal, the contribution of research institutions, associations and other entities (grants, research funding).
  3. Keywords both in Polish and English should be placed under the title of the article (up to six words).
  4. In the case of review articles, please provide a full bibliographic description of the reviewed publications including information about the author, the title, the place and year of publication, the publisher, the number of pages and figures.

The body and the abstract

  1. The manuscript submitted for publication should not exceed one publisher's sheet.
  2. The manuscript must be accompanied by an abstract in Polish and English, not exceeding one page (1800 characters). The English abstract should be preceded by the English title of the article.
  3. Manuscripts should contain universally accepted Polish abbreviations, such as: np., m.in., r., w. itp. Centuries should be given in Roman numerals (e.g. XVI w.) and the full names of months should be written (e.g. 15 czerwca 1410 r.). The full names of persons mentioned in manuscripts should also be written (e.g. Jean-Jacques Rousseau).


  1. Manuscripts should contain footnotes and footnote indicators should be placed before punctuation marks. Each footnote should end with a period.
  2. Please use the following rules when writing the bibliography (examples):
    • non-serial publications:
      O. Czerniawska, Drogi i bezdroża andragogiki i gerontologii. Szkice i rozprawy, Łódź 2000 (If there are more than three authors, give the name of the first author followed by the abbreviation ‘i.in.’ (et al.).
    • journal articles:
      A. Wołowska, Satysfakcja z pracy i jej wyznaczniki a poczucie jakości życia urzędników, „Rocznik Andragogiczny”, 20 (2013) s. 119-132.
    • articles from collective works:
      R. Skrzyniarz, Kariera naukowa prof. Stefana Kunowskiego (1909–1977), w: U podstaw tożsamości pedagogiki. Wielowymiarowość pedagogiki – biografistyka – historia, red. R. Skrzyniarz, E. Smołka, S. Konefał, Lublin 2012, s. 218.
    • websites and articles published on websites:
      M. Lis, Social media, portale społecznościowe, http://www.europae.pl/biznes/artykuy/338-social-media-portale-spoecznociowe-web-20, dostęp: 4.04.2013.
  3. When citing the same source again, put the initial of the first name and the surname of the author, followed by a short title without the ellipsis:
    R. Skrzyniarz, Kariera naukowa prof. Stefana Kunowskiego (1909–1977), s. 219.
  4. Do not use abbreviations, such as: dz. cyt., ibidem, ibid., op. cit. and jw.
  5. You can use the abbreviation ‘tamże’ (ibidem) if you refer to an earlier footnote, e.g.:
    39 R. Skrzyniarz, Kariera naukowa prof. Stefana Kunowskiego (1909–1977), s. 219.
    40 Tamże, s. 217.

Illustrations and figures

  1. Illustrations and figures should be supplied in the highest quality and in separate files.
  2. Please add placeholder notes in the running text to indicate where illustrations and figures should be placed.
  3. The name of the file should be similar to the title of the illustration included in the text.
  4. All materials should be tailored to the black-and-white print format of the journal.


Bibliographic details of all sources cited in the text are published at the end of each article. Please attach the full bibliography in the file containing the main body of the manuscript submitted to the editors. Please distinguish between primary and secondary sources.