Okładka czasoopisma

The new annual journal Biographical Studies in Education has been created as a forum for the exchange of ideas by researchers representing different fields of knowledge and involved in the study of biographies and their teaching, learning and educational aspects. The need for such a forum was often expressed by participants at the cyclical conferences, “Biographical studies in contemporary education” and “Biographies of everyday life”, organized by the Department of Biographical Studies in Education at the Institute of Education of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. The new annual journal Biographical Studies in Education will not replace the publishing series The Library of the Department of Biographical Studies in Education; it will be an accompanying journal associated with the activities of the Foundation “Biographies of everyday life”.

We want the journal Biographical Studies in Education to present biographical research in the context of education, history, sociology, psychology, theology, the history of literature and even science. The journal will include biographical sketches, studies conducted using biographical and autobiographical methods, materials showing personal documents and sources used for studying biographies, as well as methods of presentation and editing. It will also include articles presenting and reviewing interesting biographical literature and describing biographical studies.

The programme framework of the annual journal will include the following issues:

  • research methods and tools used in biographical studies in education;
  • biographical research in the context of education, upbringing, patriotism, personalism and intergenerational relations;
  • creating patterns and role models and their use in education and culture;
  • promoting the biographies of significant individuals in education, upbringing, culture and literature;
  • studying the biographies of teachers, tutors, lecturers, scholars and professors;
  • studying school, educational, family and academic environments;
  • the importance of biographies in the functioning, creation of and research on national and ethnic traditions;
  • biographies and studies of auto/biographical memory and places of memory;
  • the andragogic dimension of the biographies of elderly people;
  • the role of biographies in illness, disability and social exclusion;
  • the therapeutic dimension of biographies and biographicality;
  • sources for biographical studies;
  • the wealth of biographical literature.